Agrimex is a range of livestock hygiene chemicals aimed initially at the dairy industry; we aim to expand into a full range suitable for use on both livestock and domestic animals.

Dairy Process

This range includes many products used within the milking industry, products such as circulation powders and liquids, filter cleaners, milk stone removers, acid washes & alkaline washes. All the products essential to

maintaining quality milk production.

Udder Hygiene

​To complement the range of dairy process chemicals we are developing a range of teat dips, creams & wipes to keep udders clean and in tip top condition. With iodine & acid based dips, proactive and reactive solutions for infection control which are suitable for all weathers, there is a dip or spray to suit your needs. We will also be introducing large biodegradable, bactericidal wipes.

Digital Dermatitis 

A highly infectious condition that plagues cattle farmers. We are developing a unique foot bath with a product that clings to hooves and continues to work long after initial exposure.


We have introduced a powerful iodine based disinfectant, a highly active yet cost effective disinfectant with excellent dilution rates suitable for all areas livestock disinfecting.

Continued Roll out

As with all areas of our work, we strive to provide a solution for any application. As we progress with our Agrimex range, we will be looking to supply a fix for any sanitary issues you might encounter in the agricultural sector.

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